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REST API Linux Python MySQL Node.js Flash C / C++
Ha Noi
Full time
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About Gotit:
When was the last time you felt “stuck” on something you couldn’t crack? Happens often, doesn’t it? But when you finally understood, by asking questions, getting an explanation, you had a moment, where you simply, ‘got it’. A micro learning breakthrough.
About the job:

The Job


- Implement algorithms that process large volumes of real time data. Proactively research for solutions to problems.
- Design and develop REST APIs to support our mobile client.
- Architect and build robust, scalable, highly available, reliable and secure backend systems
- Work closely with the client app team and product design team to iterate quickly on new features and experiments
- Participate in design discussions, code reviews and group brainstorming sessions
- Create high quality code and be responsible for finding the best approaches possible, optimizing, and fixing bugs.
- Troubleshoot existing code bases , hunt down nasty bugs and refactor code
- Perform benchmarking, performance and security analysis

** Working location: 12FL, HCMCC Building, 249A Thuỵ Khuê, Tây Hồ, Hà Nội

Your Skills and Experience

- Experience working on Python, NodeJs (or C++)
- Experience working on Flask, SQLALchemy, Express, SocketIO
- Experience working on MySQL, Nginx, Linux
- Knowledge of Google App Engine as well as Google Cloud Platform
- Knowledge of React, AngularJS
- For C++, experience working on event-based, multithread, gcc in Linux environment
- Deep knowledge of caching, message queue, event-based programming
- Deep knowledge of client server communication protocols (REST, HTTP, JSON, XML, Socket, Buffer Protocol)
- Deep knowledge of a broad range of data structures and algorithms and know how, when and when-not to use them.
- Object orientated development
- Be able to write clean, performance-centric, reusable and understandable code
- Experience designing and developing RESTful web services for mobile apps
- Experience in designing and developing scalable backend components
- Experience working on large scale, high traffic systems
- Experience building asynchronous one page web applications
- 2+ years of experience in software engineering
- Ability to work in a fast-paced and dynamic team
- Self-starter, capable of leading and owning a large aspect of the product
- BS or higher in Computer Science, Mathematics or related technical field
- Want to keep learning - whether that means more in your field or in analytics, automated test, business development, product management, system operations... Be really curious and interested in stuff.

Why You'll Love Working Here


We have amazing traction, we are consistently a top 15 education app, doubling in volume every two months. Today we are matching hundreds of thousands of students with experts in sessions each month that produce real learning. Our knowledge base is also comprised of millions of problems, and we’re looking to grow to 10X, so we can build the largest bank of practice problems in the world. We are backed with great funding from the people who invested in world changing companies like Tesla, SpaceX, and PlanetLabs.

We believe that building world changing products and services starts with world class people. We are looking to add amazing members to our small team of engineers, product managers, and execs from Google, Lyft, and GREE. We’re a fun loving but passionate group that believes in changing the world for the better. We come to work every day excited to build products that help people learn, and we want to be huge.

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